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Gift kits

Here is a Parker gift kit! Customers decide what it looks like!

What's inside a Parker kit?

Classy box in any colour, made of noble material, e.g.: wood-like paper, material made of flax, embossed material. Available finishing: gilding, UV varnish, 3D varnish. The box is lined inside with soft satin fabric and hides a black magnet-locked case. The kit is designed for two Parker products.

Features of our kits that distinguish them from among traditional Parker products:

  • Individual design of each box. You can use our finished proposals but we are also prepared to customize the design according to your concept. We can help you to choose the material, colours, and ornaments for the box you are dreaming of;
  • Any logo can be placed on the band or cover of the box;
  • Wide choice of the colours of case holding pens and biros;
  • Wide choice of the gift box material;
  • The kit can hold any two Parker products.

Our customers can design their own unique kits!

engraving or print

Print—colourful gadgets

We offer you high-quality printing on Parker products, made with the tampography printing technique which allows transferring more than a single colour. It is possible to use from 1 to 5 colours and their blends.

The advantage of printing is that it can be made on pens and biros which are made of plastic and cannot be engraved. We can print series of identical inscriptions, logos, and symbols not only on Parker products but also on boxes and cases.

Features of print:

  • Printing can be made in any single colour or in several colours at the same time;
  • Print can be made on Parker biros or pens which cannot be engraved;
  • We can also print on boxes, bands and leather cases.

We always give you a free visualisation!

Engraving—your personalised gift

A unique, computer-controlled machine guarantees high-quality durable marking on the surface of Parker products. Engraving guarantees high-class, indestructible single-colour inscriptions or patterns, e.g. logo. We offer you an opportunity to create a unique gift, souvenir, or advertising product. We can make engravings on enamelled and steel products

Features of engraving:

  • Durable, highly aesthetic, fine in details;
  • Quick handling of orders even when many products have to be engraved;
  • Engraving can feature logos;
  • Ideal solution to personalise products.

Occasional badges

Need a well visible and eye-catching way to communicate a message? An ideal solution is to engrave an occasional badge made of high-quality laminate. Top-quality laminates come in gold and silver, the colours of prestige and elegance. They are best to carry greetings, occasional statements, mottoes, golden thoughts, or personalised gratification.

They are perfect for all types of awards, distinctions, or gratifications going to important persons. This way of communication is usually chosen by public administration and local government bodies to honour people of merit

Features of occasional badge:

  • Ideal dimensions for longer texts;
  • Placed usually on a gift box cover;
  • Perfect solution for prestigious awards.

Gift cards

A gift card is a perfect solution for your trading partners and employees.

The ParkerShop card is the best way to please an individual or group you want to give thanks or who just love Parker products but you leave the buying decision to them. Also a perfect solution for those who love buying gifts for themselves. The ParkerShop gift card is a classy plastic product bearing a unique ID code which helps to do quick and easy shopping in our stores. The card represents a defined value and allows to make a single purchase.

Parker gift cards make an excellent gift because:

  • You are handing a finished, original gift;
  • You allow free personal selection of a product;
  • You help dreams of a prestigious and luxurious gift to come true.

Case for pens and biros

Leather cases dedicated for Parker products are the best way of keeping pens and biros. Many people carry a biro and a pen at the same time. A case designed for two products is ideal for them. A case is not only an object of use. It also proves its owner’s good taste and strengthens his prestige.

We offer you cases in a wide range of colours and made of quality leather. The double case is magnet-locked which makes handling easier. Colours of our cases are matched with Parker products which means that we prefer original and prestigious styles.

Features of Parker case

  • Wide range of colours;
  • Can be offered as independent gift or part of a gift kit;
  • On your request, a case can be marked with your company logo, etc.
  • Quick handling of orders, whatever colours are used.


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Piotr Klichowski
Piotr Klichowski Commercial Director

I have worked more than 12 years on developing the e-commerce sector in Poland and I have managed the e-commerce department in Sterion Sp. z o.o. for the recent 8 years.

My portfolio includes hundreds of finished projects in the stationery business.
On a regular basis, I am advising on how to build the Parker brand’s prestige with marketing campaigns. I can give advice and assist in choosing the right product for the profile of your customers.

Judyta Wawryca
Judyta Wawryca Specialist for Parker products

As a senior specialist, I have spent more than 5 years advising and helping business customers to choose the right Parker products. I have gained my vast experience by serving my individual customers for many hours every day and I can now share with you my perfect understanding of Parker products and materials they are made of.

Good opinions of my customers inspire me for new, fresh ideas on building the image of your company.


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